CLICKSERVICE "Logistica per l'integrazione" di Anna Sedazzari
CLICKSERVICE "Logistica per l'integrazione"di Anna Sedazzari



A DOCUMENT OF IDENTIFICATION: identity card or passport

A FISCAL CODE: issued by revenue office located in 2, Carignano square.


If the apartment is for three people, the three people must enter contemporaneusly, if is for four people, four people must enter contemporaneusly and so on.

You have to pay the rent one month in advance, the guarantee and the deposit for expenses, all togheter, so every month.

You have to sign a contract, an “antimafia” document  and register the contract: the contract is also available in english, but you have to sign the italian version; once signed the contract you will receive the keys of the apartment.

The “antimafia” is a document you have to send to the Questura (police station), in order to register your presence  in the apartment. The contract registration is a taxt divided between the owner and you (50%) and is as 2% of the registration fee plus 4 rewenue stamps of 14,62€ each (total 58,48€) charged by the tenant.

You will pay an advance for these services and for fixed expenses such as amministration, rubbish fee, tv licence and final cleaning.


Every apartment has different characteristics and different costs, especially for heating (for istance central or indipendent heating, or the same for water). The tax for rubbish changed depending from size of apartment.



If you leave the apartment in advance respect the end of contract, ONE MONTH IN ADVANCE you have to inform the owner, make a notice and pay a cancellation tax of 67.00€, present the documentation to the owner and send a copy to the Palazzo delle Finanze.

For any clarification ask before signing the contract!


MORE: if you want to change home, or leave in advance, you must comunicate it at least 40 days in advance, in order to find a person for the replacement, on the contrary you will lose the deposit and the other co-tenants have to pay the total happens seldom, to follow rules is enough!

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